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About Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University

  Zhongshan Hospital, affiliated to Xiamen University was founded in 1928 due to donations by patriotic overseas Chinese and local celebrities who pursue the spirit of “Taking the Whole World as One Community, for the Benefit of the Society”. Medical expert Dr. Wenqing Lin, then president of Xiamen University, became the first superintendent of the Hospital. The Hospital has become the first hospital affiliated to Xiamen University since 2005, and since has developed a combination of medical service, teaching, scientific research, prevention and healthcare. Moreover, it has become a large and general third-grade, class-A hospital, that contributes with great effort in establishing a research-oriented hospital affiliated to the national key university.


Zhongshan Hospital (headquarter) covers an area of approximately 57,000 m2 and the construction area is approximately 171,000 m2. The Hospital currently has 2500 available beds and in 2016, it had 2.42 million outpatients and emergency visits, and nearly 63,000 inpatients. A total of more than 2900 faculty members and staff are employed, including 568 experts with deputy senior or higher titles, 606 with masters or doctors degrees and more than 70 master’s and doctoral advisors. The Hospital has set up 38 clinical departments, 10 medical technique departments, 2 branches and 5 community health service centers. The hospital owns National Key Clinical Departments: Department of Gastroenterology; Key Departments of Fujian Province: Department of Gastroenterology, Department of Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery; Municipal Leading Departments: Department of Gastroenterology, Department of Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery, Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Department of Joint Surgery; Municipal Key Departments: Department of Neurology, Department of Hematology, Department of Endocrinology, Department of Joint Surgery, Department of Ultrasound, Department of Thoracic Surgery, Specific Nursing; Municipal Planning Key Departments: Department of Geriatric Rehabilitation, Department of Pathology, Department of Dermatology, Department of Diagnosis and Treatment for Noninfectious Respiratory Diseases, Department of Emergency Medicine, Prostate Diseases, Obstetric Critical Care, Department of Diabetic Nephropathy. In addition, the Hospital has the Clinical Examination Center of Xiamen, Xiamen Diagnosis and Treatment Center for Digestive Diseases, Digestive Diseases Institution of Xiamen University, Gastrointestinal Oncology Institution of Medical School of Xiamen University, Xiamen Rehabilitation Research Institute of Aging Disease, Institute for Microbial Ecology of Medical College of Xiamen University, Institute for Infectious Diseases of Medical College of Xiamen University, Institute for Medical Imaging of Medical College of Xiamen University, Fujian Key Laboratory for Chronic Liver Disease and Liver Cancer, Xiamen Translational Medical Key Laboratory of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Tumor, Xiamen Clinical Key Laboratory, Xiamen Key Laboratory for Intestines and Stomach Tumor, Xiamen Key Laboratory for Clinical Translational Medicine of nuclear medical molecular imaging, the Key Technology Platform of Xiamen for Molecular Diagnosis and Targeted Therapy of Cancer, Gastroscopy Training Bases of Chinese Medical Association, Fujian Training Bases of Medical Ultrasound, National Demonstration Bases for Health Management.


High technology, a team with great expertise and sophisticated medical equipment have greatly facilitated medical service, teaching and scientific research of the Hospital. The Hospital boasts the most advanced medical equipment such as the GE Revolution CT, Simens Somatom Definition Flash CT, 3.0T superconducting MR, neurosurgical Gamma knife, linear accelerator, tablet-style Digital Subtraction  Angiography(DSA), Single-Photon Emission Computed TomographySPECT, Positron Emission Tomography(PET-CT), etc. The Hospital has taken the lead in carrying out a lot of new clinical technologies and projects, filling gaps in many medical technologies, continuously improving medical care and working hard to provide patients with safe, high-quality and efficient medical service. As a “Major Provincial Contact Hospital of Nursing”, the Hospital has been actively upgrading and demonstrating high-quality nursing service, initiating basic nursing services and developing specialized nursing services. The Hospital was titled “Attached Institutions of Xiamen Nursing Quality Control Center” in 2011, and the “Key Department of Nursing of Xiamen” in 2013.


The Hospital attaches great importance to department construction and reinforces management of scientific research. The medical research has been supported by more than 300 academy grants, including 70 national academy grants. Moreover, the hospital has won over 20 scientific and technological progress awards at ministry, province and municipal levels. In the meanwhile, the hospital staff has published more than 300 original articles with Science Citation Index, and has obtained over 70 national patents. The total number of scientific researches ranks among the best in Fujian hospitals, wherein programs supported by the National Natural Science Foundation have been ranked first place in the province for 6 consecutive years.


The Hospital has adopted the strategy of “developing the hospital through science and technology” and “complementary progress with medical service and teaching”. In 1993 it has become the teaching hospital of Fujian Medical College, the First Clinical College of Medical School of Xiamen University in 1996, and the clinical teaching base for Medical Examination Major of Fujian Medical University in 1998. It was awarded as a “Clinical Teaching Hospital” in 2001. Currently, it still undertakes teaching assignments for Xiamen Medical School, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.


Over the recent years, the Hospital has continuously been perfecting ways of medical treatment. It implements “5-complete” beneficial medical services, including full time, complete booking, complete self-service, complete flow and full aspects. The hospital firstly launches the multiple channels for outpatient appointment, one-stop appointment of medical and technical examinations and integrated platform of financial settlement, which greatly improve patients’ visiting experience. In addition, the Hospital has been actively carrying out external exchanges, especially the “Cross-Strait Medical Forum” and “Zhongshan Medical Association” initiated by the Hospital which cover multiple departments including the gastroenterology, neurology medicine, neurology surgery, ultrasonic medicine and hospital management, the most well-known academic events in the cross-strait medical communication field; have become the highest academic conference of cross-strait medical exchanges and the most well-known platform for all the “Zhongshan” hospitals at home and overseas. The hospital has put great effort in medical therapy, education and research, and improved patient satisfaction. Furthermore, the Hospital was awarded the “National Advanced Group of Healthcare” in 2004, the “National Spiritual Civilized Unit” in 2005, the “National Advanced Unit for Health Culture Construction” in 2010, the “National Hospital of Reform and Innovation” in 2011, and successfully reached the “National Health Promotion Standard” in 2016.

Nowadays, the motto of Xiamen University, “Pursue Excellence & Strive for Perfection”, and the motto of Zhongshan Hospital, “Unity, Dedication, Truth-seeking and Innovation” inspires Zhongshan hospital staff to intensify the Chinese medical revolution, increase medical ethics education, improve hospital management, medical service and capacities in order to provide the masses with more excellent and satisfactory medical service.