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Health Care Ward

          Health Care Ward is a high-end medical care platform of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University. It provides medical treatment for overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and foreigners. Its business scope covers a wide range of common diseases of internal medicine. It’s main professional characteristics lies in the treatment for disease of geriatric, cardiovascularand cerebrovascular, endocrine, respiratory, digestive tract and other internal disease. It operates a medical team of 18 physicians (10 senior physicians and 8 intermediate physicians) and 37 nurses (3 senior nurses and 24 nurse supervisors). Health care committee of experts at all departments is part of its effort for difficult miscellaneous disease treatment. It offers high-quality and fast service for patients through specialized and remote consultation.

       Located at 18-20/F and 22/F of internal medicine building, the Health Care Ward creates a bird’s-eye view of picturesque Yundang Lake. The ward is equipped with double rooms, single rooms, suites and deluxe suites, offering about 100 beds. It offers medical facilities such as defibrillator, ECG monitor, electrocardiograph, sputum eliminator, sputum aspirator, medium-frequency electrotherapy and rehabilitation appliances; the ward is fully equipped with fridge, interactive TV, phone, microwave, private toilet; The deluxe suites are also equipped with duty room, small pantry and small conference center, meeting needs of different kinds of patients. Health care clinic, located at 2/F, Building 3, operates two consulting rooms. Medical specialists there diagnose and treat disease of geriatric, cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory and other internal diseases. Patients will be given favored treatment of seeing expert doctors without registration, enjoy more convenient service in getting the medicine in a further consultation, paying health care bills and hospitalization.

       Since the founding, the ward has offered specialized service for people in clinic, hospitalization, health care consulting, critical disease treatment, expert consultation and international rescue. There is always public praise for its dedication from superiors and the masses. 

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