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The Department of Pathology of the Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital of Xiamen University is a city-level planning key discipline of Xiamen and a medical, academic and research center of pathology in southern Fujian.The department is responsible for clinical pathological diagnosis, cytological examination, pathology research and pathology teaching work in the whole hospital, as well as the intractable case consultation in southern Fujian. At present, we have twenty-seven staffs, including three professors or associate professors, two master degree advisors, four with a Ph.D. degree and ten with a master degree. There is one committee member of Chinese Pathological Society, one committee member of Fujian Pathological Society, one vice-chairman and three committee member of Xiamen Pathological Society in our department.

The department is well equipped and possesses advanced facilities. The facilities include a molecular pathology laboratory and a well-organized tissue and cell culture room, equipped with pathological image analysis system, fluorescence microscope, inverted microscope (Nikon), CO2 cell incubator, biological safety cabinet, imported constant temperature freezing microtome (Shandon), some paraffin slicing machine imported from Germany (Leica), automatic dewatering machine (Shandon and Sakura), automatic dewatering machine (Sakura), automatic slide stainer (Shandon), tissue embedder (Shandon) etc .

Each year, 30000-40000 surgical pathological reports, over 2000 intraoperative frozen section analysis reports and over 50,000 cytological (including fine needle aspiration and exfoliative cytology) reports are signed out for patients. Besides, the department performs about 10000 times histochemistry analysis and immunohistochemistry analysis every year. Furthermore, the department undertakes pathological examination for other hospitals, intractable case consultation in southern Fujian, medical evaluation and judicial expertise (autopsy) in Xiamen area. The pathological quality control achieves the standards of the state and Fujian Province.

The department has a tradition of laying emphasis on the introduction of new technology and the development of new service, and integrating scientific research with clinical work. 
A number of staffs have been the leaders of National Natural Science Foundation and province -level project. They have presided over or participated in more than 20 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and provincial or municipal projects. Now, nearly ten projects are being studied. The advanced techniques of histochemical staining, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence have been carried out. We have the biological Stereology diagnostic methods, including tumor cell DNA ploidy analysis and pathological image analysis. The department focuses on the pathological diagnosis and the molecular pathology of tumors. So far, there are over 100 papers and 12 translated abstracts published in journals (including over 10 SCI papers).  In addition, there are 9 achievements in scientific research which win the  awards for Scientific and Technological Progress, respctively.

The department actively participates in the teaching work of Xiamen University, and now undertakes the teaching work of pathology and sets up a “diagnostic pathology” courses in Medical College of Xiamen University. Currently, the department has several Master degree candidates of Xiamen University and Fujian Medical University, and also receives dozens of residents, trainee doctors and physician refreshers every year. In recent years, the department undertook the continue education program of Chinese Medical Association and the Fujian Medical Association, organized pathological activities in Xiamen area for several times. The department made the corresponding contributions to promoting the development of pathology and improving the pathological diagnosis in Xiamen area and trained a large number of medical reserve personnel for the Xiamen region.
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