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Clinical Blood Transfusion

Zhongshan hospital Xiamen university
Introduction of the Department of Clinical Blood Transfusion 

The Department of Clinical Blood Transfusion of Zhongshan hospital affiliated to Xiamen university, that was separated from the Department of Clinical Laboratory, was founded in February 2006. 
 The department now emplys 9 pepole, including 1 senoir, 3 intermediates and 5 primary medical and technical staff.
 With the actions of reviewing AAA-grade hospital and  the Management Year of “patient centered” by ministry of health (MOH), the department has prioritized work flow and highly advanced layout of laboratory automation, and the LIS integrated with HIS and Xiamen Blood Centre, in order to assure high quality of blood management and quick result of blood test. Nowadays, the department covers an area of more than 300 square meters. Laboratory automation is realized by fully automated systems, such as  2 automated blood type detection instruments, 1 automated blood matching instrument, 2 Barkey dry pulp machines, 1 platelet oscillation preservation box, 3 storage refrigerators (2-6℃), 3 low temperature Freezers, 2 blood centrifuges and so on. 
 The department is responsible for all the tests related to blood transfusion as follows: (1) The blood type test ,such as ABO  RH (D), RH (C), RH (E). (2) The blood-crossing test, such as poly condensation amine, anti globulin. . (3) The screening and identification of irregular antibody. (4) The antibody titer of blood type. (5) The detection of difficult blood type and special blood-crossing. (6) The consultation and guidance on the clinical blood transfusion, (indication).
 The department has established total quality management system.   In the past several years, the rate of the reasonable use was above 90%; and adverse reactions rate was only 0.1%, and serious transfusion adverse reactions did not happened.
  The department participates the External Quality Assessment programs of the National Center of Clinical Laboratory of the Fujian provice and the MOH, and awards the excellent result of full marks every time. 
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