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Diagnostic Imaging in southern Fujian.  For over 20 years we have steadfastly pursued clinical excellence, advanced technology, innovation and research -- all in an effort to give our patients good patientcare and service.  
The Department of MRI boasts ofthe advanced MRI equipments, including GE 1.5T, Siemens 3.0T Verio and Siemens 1.5T Aera.  Over the years, it has trained a teamwith a wide range of expertise in diagnostic imaging. With the latest MRI technology and the dedicated and professional MRI team,it has provided excellent diagnostic imaging services to the patients in our community. To date, we have performed over 100,000 cases of diagnostic imaging, providing accurate diagnosis for optimal medical treatment and helping solve numerous difficult medical cases.
The Department of MRI has conducted innovative research in medical imaging in collaboration with Xiamen University. It has won several awards for its contributions to patient care and advance in medicine over the last two decades, including the First Prize in Xiamen Advance of Science and Technology Award and the Second Prize in Fujian Advance of Science and Technology Award.