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Ultrasound Department

Found in 1994, the Department of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
at Xiamen Zhongshan Hospital is the first medical institution to offer a high level of MRI Introduction of Ultrasound Department
The Ultrasound Department of Zhongshan Hospital Xiamen University is a major clinical department for ultrasound diagnosis, treatment, education and research. It is the Medical Imaging research center of Medical College Xiamen University, Xiamen ultrasound medical quality control center, affiliated unit of cross-strait medical and health exchange association of ultrasound medical expert committee, Xiamen municipal key discipline, the national resident standardized training base and Fujian province ultrasound training base. Formal authorization for Master’s degree of medical imaging was given in 2012. 
Ultrasound Department here are four well-established subspecialities, i.e., cardiovascular ultrasound subspeciality, abdominal ultrasound subspeciality, superficial organs and peripheral vascular ultrasound subspeciality, obstetrics and gynaecology ultrasound subspeciality. Under the leadership of the department director, the corresponding senior expert is responsible for the development and construction of each subspeciality. Through long-term accumulation of work and continuous learning, the ultrasound diagnosing and treatment techonology has made rapid progress. 
Faculty and Staff
There are 51 faculty and staff members, including 35 doctors, 1 nurse, and 17 assistants. And there are 3 chief physicians, 11 associate chief physicians, 2 master supervisors. The faculty of the department currently has 2 PhDs and 19 masters. The department director is vice chairman of cross-strait medical and health exchange association of ultrasound medical expert committee, member of China Ultrasound Medical Engineering Society of echocardiography professional committee, vice chairman of Fujian Province Ultrasound Society, member of Fujian Province ultrasound quality control committee, chairman of Xiamen ultrasound professional committee , chairman of Xiamen ultrasound medical quality control center.
Clinic work
Currently the Department is equipped with more than 30 sets of advanced ultrasound devices. More than 1000 cases per day received examination and therapy. Medical service provided by the Department covers out-patients, in-patients, emergency patients and physical examination. Besides diagnostic imaging, interventional therapy is also available as daily service. Many up-to-date technologies are widely employed in clinical works. In particular, several aspects are considered to be our highlights:
 Highlights on Diagnostic Imaging:
1)Contrast-enhanced ultrasound(CEUS).
2)Gastrointestinal ultrasound.
3)Skeletal muscle ultrasound.
4)Pelvic floor three-dimensional ultrasound.
5)Fetal heart ultrasound.
6)Transesophageal three-dimensional ultrasound.
7)Interventional treatment of heart disease guided by TEE.
8)Liver cancer radiofrequency ablation
Ultrasound department assumed the teaching mission for Medical College Xiamen University, Xiamen Medical College and Fujian Medical University. We have a set of advanced anatomy navigation system, which  plays an important role in teaching. Ultrasonic LAN monitoring system realizes real-time, dynamic sharing of ultrasound images between different examination rooms, and real-time voice communication. Thus this system contribute to teleconsultation for difficult and complicated cases.
In recent years, our department has acquired 8 major scientific research projects including 2 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 4 Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province and 2 Xiamen Science Foundation. 7 research articles are published in SCI-listed and 14 national journals as first and/or corresponding author in recent five years. Besides, the faculty of our department participate in the international and domestic conferences and report at the meeting.  
The high-level academic group and the up-to-date equipments keep our department at the forefront of ultrasonic medical diagnosis, education and research of the south of Fujian Province area. We are trying to make our own contribution to be a famous ultrasound medicine center in China.
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