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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic and Plastic surgery department of Zhong Shan Hospital has been established for many decades, with our staff’s self devotion and contribution our department has become one of the largest professional cosmetic and plastic surgery medical center in Fujian province. Our department has a staff of 6, including 5 senior professional post doctors and nurses, 1 attending doctor. 1 doctor has PH.D. MD. Degree, 3 doctors have Master degree, and 1 specialist doctor who have been engaged in advanced training in Britain.  We have advanced independent surgery room with professional medical facility and operative instruments. We have professional connections with top medical centers all over the world. We aim to serve our clients and patients with top-ranking technique, top-ranking instrument, and the best services.


Scope of treatment as following:

1. Cosmetic surgery

Facial implant, eyebrow elevation, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, mastopexy, breast reduction, liposuction, addominoplasty, maxillofacialplasty, genitalplasty, bromhidrosis excision.

2. Trauma and infection caused scar and malformation

Burn, electric injury, frostbite, gunshot, radiation injury, infection caused facial and body scar, defection and malformation

3. Congenital deformity

Cleft lip and palate, facial cleft, wryneck, ptosis, small eye fissure syndrome, microtia, breast defection, ectrosyndactylia, body ring contracture, hermaphrodism

4. Dermatoma

5. Reconstructive opertation

Ear reconstruction, nasal reconstruction, lip reconstruction, genital reconstruction, breast reconstruction

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