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Many people suffer from neck or back pain or sciatic pain at some point in their lives. the symptoms are the underlying cause of conditions such as osteoarthritis, muscle, disc or nerve complications. Sometimes this pain can be attributed to trauma, a spinal tumor, or an infection. More often, the pain is chronic, progressive, and unrelenting. This pain often responds to multiple levels of intervention.
The Department of Orthopaedics of zhongshan Hospital affiliated Xiamen University, has been serving the South Fujian communities for decades,and has established and maintained a reputation for clinical excellence and award-winning care. The Division of Spine Surgery was found to provide speciality services to the spine patients since 2010, now has earned a reputation as a leading division with a top-class staff and compassionate nursing. Friendly and experienced staff is selected for individualized care, providing a friendly, relaxed and compassionate experience. The division is equipped with the latest technology to deliver safe and effective procedures in a relaxed environment.
The Division of Spine Surgery has top spine specialists and surgeons in the country who have lot of experience to carry out successful spine surgery.We perform more than 500 spinal operations per year. We embraces the latest technologies and minimally invasive techniques for many spine procedures. By using minimally invasive techniques, our surgeons minimize pain and return patients faster to their daily routines as quickly as possible. The Division of Spine Surgery is dedicated to advancing new techniques, developing innovative treatment approaches, performing research of high quality, developing education programs, and providing clinical care of the highest quality. Members of the division are actively involved in professional organizations. Our tradition of excellence continues as strongly today as in the past.