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Joint Surgery &Sports Medicine

Department of Joint Surgery &Sports Medicine

The Department of Joint Surgery & Sports Medicine (JSSM) of Zhongshan Hospital Xiamen University is recognized as high-quality techniques as well as high-level academic researches in her specialized fields more frequently than many other units across Fujian Province.

These endorsements make it more and more anxious for us to innovate and to provide excellent patient cares.

The following items recognize JSSM for high levels of techniques and researches:

•The Key Specialty established by Xiamen city government
•The Bone & Joint Research Institute by Xiamen University
•Authorized Unit to offer Doctoral Degrees
•Authorized Postdoctoral Mobile Station.
•One of the national arthroscopy training centers established by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China

Highlights of Sports Medicine Treatments:

•By far the earliest arthroscopy practitioner in the knee, the hip ,the shoulder, the elbow and the ankle.
•The leader in Fujian Province in terms of yearly volume.
•Difficult arthroscopic reconstructions and revisions of multi-ligament injury in the knee.
•Arthroscopic suturing in posterior meniscus roots.
•Stabilizations in recurrent dislocated shoulder.
•Stabilizations in recurrent dislocated patella.
•Arthroscopic repair in the rotator sleeve and glenoid labrum injuries.
•Arthroscopies in the hip, the ankle and the elbow.

Highlights of Joint Surgery:

•The pioneer in Fujian in arthroplasty of total hip, resurfacing hip as well as total knee.
•The leader in Fujian in total knee arthroplasty(TKA) volume.

Features of advanced joint reconstruction techniques:

•Difficult component revisions.
•Difficult arthroplsties for stiff knees or hips with ankylosis spondylosis(AS).
•Difficult TKA or THA for rheumatic deformities.
•Difficult THA for developmental dislocation of the hip(DDH).
•Customized tumor prosthesis arthroplasties.
•One stage revisions for periprosthetic infections
•One stage TKA for ligamental or bony unstable knees
•Femoral neck sparing THA.
•Mini-invasive incision THA for DDH.

Chun Xia, M.D.
Consultant Surgeon

Titles & Professional memberships

•PhD Mentor
•Professor in Bone and Joint Surgery in Medical College Xiamen University
•Director of JSSM
•Chairman of COA Xiamen Branch
•Vice President of COA Fujian Branch
•Member of Chinese Orthopedic Association(COA)
•Member of Chinese Society of Sport Medicine(CSSM)
•Member of Chinese Society of Rehabilitation Medicine Joint&RheumatoidBranch(CSRM-JRB)
•Expert of Science Research Evaluation for the Nation’s Education Ministry
•Expert for the First Screening of Natural Science Funds of China(NSFC)
•Member of Expert Group of Orthopedic Endoscopic Diagnostic & Therapeutic Technique for Health Ministry


Over 20 SCI papers in recent 5 years. See a description of my publications

Research activities

16 projects funded by the city, the province and the NSFC, see a description of research activities.
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