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Orthopaedic Trauma

The Orthopaedic Trauma Department
     The orthopaedic trauma department of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University was founded in 2010, focusing on providing high-quality and affordable service to patients. Over the past years, it has grown to become a leading orthopaedic trauma centre in west and south of Fujian, carrying out various, complicated, difficult operations, such as total knee joint replacement, brachial plexus injury repair, posterior, anterior and anterolateral fixation in spinal surgery, percutaneous lumbar discectomy, ect. And it especially has high-level technologies of the treatment of compound or complicated trauma in orthopaedics.
    Orthopedics trauma: To repair and reconstruct fracture and dislocation of the various parts of the body , specialized in complicated fractures, comminuted fractures, multiple fractures, pelvic fractures, spinal fractures and bone delayed union, nonunion or malunion, multiple trauma and combined with vascular and nerve injury, ect. Forming our own characteristics at work, insisting on the concept of minimal invasion, we apply Internal fixation for the treatment of long bone fractures or near articular fractures; such as the nail, board system, interlocking intramedullary nail and dynamic condylar system, dynamic hip screw system, PFNA system, minimally invasive plate internal fixation system.we also have plenty experience to deal with all serious trauma complications (multiple organ failure, fat embolism,ect). 

    Common bone disease:Focusing on the research and treatment of bone tumors, including benign, malignant and metastatic bones and soft tissue tumors. it has formed a standard therapeutic regimen to the treatment of malignant bone tumor with limb salvage, complete removal of tumor and preservation and reconstruction of limb function. at the same time we have standardized treatment perscription for pelvic tumor, bone metastasis and pathological fracture treatment.For congenital diseases, such as congenital hip dysplasia and severe lower limb shortening, with a joint replacement surgery, to reconstruct the joint and to regain the lower limb function according to individual customized solutions.Osteonecrosis of the femoral head is common in our department. We have a high success rate and satisfactory results with artificial joint replacement.We are also skilled in treatment of the bone and joint infection, spinal tuberculosis and joint tuberculosis.

    Characteristics: 1) In the aging society, with in-depth research of diagnosis and treatment in elderly patients with bone disease and trauma, and accumulated rich clinical experience, we have successfully treated more than 1000 patients over the age of 80 with bone injury. Our oldest patient is already at the age of 100; 2). Rigor, reality, economy, low-cost, multiple options, technology leadership are our service concepts; 3). Minimal incision and invasion are our unswerving pursuit in treatment.