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The Department of Otorhinolaryngology of Zhongshan Hospital, Xiamen University is one of the best departments in Fujian Province. There are more than thirty medical staffs in our department, including seven professors, five associated professors, two PhD and eight master degree doctors. Four doctors have the experience of studying abroad. Three doctors are advisers of postgraduates. The staff framework is highly reasonable and efficient. Our goal is to make our department the top department in China.

We have the first-class medical equipment in China, which allows us to implement early and accurate diagnosis as well as micro-invasive and radical treatment. Common disease are diagnosed and treated duly and effectively. We have also accumulated lots of experience in diagnosing and treatment of acute, difficult, life-threatening, and rare cases.

Our department has the following six sub- divisions: Otology, Rhinology, Pharyngology, Laryngology, Head & Neck Surgery and Voice Medicine. There are experienced outstanding specialists in all sub-divisions. Brief introduction of sub-divisions are as follows:


Rhinology: As the hospital which performed the first case of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in Fujian province in 1994, we have accomplished more than 10,000 micro-invasive endoscopic nasal surgeries ever since.


Otology: 1500 cases of tympanoplasty and hearing reconstruction surgeries have been successfully conducted. Our department is the national base of Cochlear implant. More than 200 Cochlear implant cases have been finished since 2005.


Pharyngology: Micro-invasive tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy under endoscope is performed as a routine method in our department. Early diagnosis of OSAHS and UPPP surgeries have relieved the breath disorder for thousands men, women and children.


Laryngology: Our department can perform the following operations independently: partial laryngectomy, CHEP, CHP, TCHEP, total laryngectomy for the laryngeal cancer patients.


Head and neck surgery: We can perform the following operations independently: branchial cleft cyst and fistula resection, thyroidectomy and neck dissection.


Voice medicine: Voice medicine including the following parts: 1. We perform microphonosurgery for vocal fold polyp, leukoplakia, cyst, fibrous cystic degeneration, granuloma, glottis adhension, scar and sulcus vocalis, we try our best to reserve the voice function. 2. We carry out vocal fold injection, laryngeal framework surgery and joint reduction in larynx to improve voice quality, we also treat patients with spasmodic dysphonia using Botox injection under the guidance of laryngeal electroglottography. 3. We operate laser surgery for early glottic carcinoma, amyloidosis and bilateral vocal fold paralysis. 4. We have a whole set of equipment to finish a variety of subjective and objective evaluation of voice function in patients with organic and functional voice disorders, and we conduct voice therapy according to the voice evaluation.


Teaching: Our department also takes the teaching tasks of the medical school of Xiamen University and Fujian Medical University. We also assume the foreign students MBBS class teaching of Xiamen University.


Research: Research has always been our strong point. Two surface items of the National Natural Science Foundation have already been finished. More than 20 SCI papers have been published, which makes our department the first place in publishing SCI papers among all departments of otorhinolaryngology in Fujian province. Besides, more than 90 core journal papers have also been published.

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