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Oncological & Vascular Interventional Radiology

As an important part of Xiamen Digestive Research Institute of Xiamen University, Oncological and vascular interventional radiology has 19 beds, and possesses the medical treatment, scientific research and teaching of interventional radiology. It also has a rising number of operations, about 1000 cases in a year, in our department and gastroenterology, respiratory, oncology, emergency department, etc. The department has a well-structured team formed,with 15 staffs, of whom 2 have a doctoral degree. The Professor zhao yilin, who studied at the clinical  center of  malmo university and lunds university Sweden, has more 2 projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation, and its academic achievements have been published in major international journals .

Therapeutic range:

1.hemorrhagic disease: hemoptysis caused by lung and bronchia; bleeding of the gastro intestinal tract (bleeding ulcers, vascular malformation,gastroesophageal varices and variceal hemorrhage incirrhosis) bleeding wound

postoperative bleeding, etc.

2.Oncologic: malignant tumor (Liver cancer, Lung cancer, Kidney Cancer , Pancreatic cancer , Bone Cancer, etc.) benign tumor (hepatic hemangioma, hepatic cysts, renal cyst, uterine fibroids, etc.)

3. Vascular: angiostegnosis vascular, obstruction, Aneurysm Arteriovenous fistula, Hemangiomas Venous thrombosis, Budd–Chiari syndrome, etc.

4.others: obstructive jaundice, esophageal stenosis, tracheostenosis, hypersplenism, prostatomegaly, etc.

Clinical feature :

1. tumor ablation.

2. Radioactive Seed Implantation.

Ablation and radioactive seed implantation were delivered locally to treat Liver cancer and Lung cancer, with minimizing damage to nearby tissue and avoiding the side-effects.