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General Surgery

The General Surgery is one of the earliest special clinic departments in Zhongshan hospital affiliated Xiamen University. Our division consists of 66 beds.  The annual admission is nearly 2500 cases and annual operation number is nearly 1,500 cases. The major medical stuff includes 1 professor, 3 directors, 2 deputy directors, 3 attending doctors and 4 residents. 5 of them have MD degrees and 7 of them have Master, s degrees. 

We primarily focus on the treatment and research of the benign and malignance diseases of thyroid, tumor in gastrointestinal, hernia and so on. In the aspect of more challenging minimally invasive surgery, we have started standardized laparoscopic assisted thyroidectomy since 2011 and have successfully performed nearly 3000 cases. In Fujian province, we are also the earliest practitioners of this technique. In the 2011, We have done the Asia, s first case of transoral laporascopic thyroidectomy. By far, multiple goiter, thyroid adenoma and micro-carcinoma have been treated in this way and good results have been achieved. In the hernia treatment, we are also one of the earliest practitioners of TEP、TAPP in Fujian province. For those appropriate candidates, this technique has been proven to be effective with better recovery and lower morbidity. The excellent medical service in gastrointestinal tumor will be given by normative radical operation (systemic lymph clearance in record); minimally invasive surgery advanced internationally (laparoscope) and individual post-surgery treatment (tumor chemosensitivity).



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