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Dermatology Department concentrates medical, teaching and research as a whole and is influential in Fujian Province. It is Xiamen Municipal Health Bureau- approved  city planning specialist focus. At present, there are 20professional and technical personnelin the department ,and the personnel echelon is reasonable ,including 11 senior professional post,4Medical Doctor , 4 Master of Medicine. Each doctor has expertise and take turns to advanced study to the domestic first-class Department of Dermatology. At present, 8 doctors from our departments take important academic positions in the national, provincial and Xiamen academic community. There are Dermatovenereology experts clinic, acne, psoriasis,vitiligo, children's skin disease consulting room,therapeutic rooms, fungal room, phototherapy room, pathology room, beauty salon and  allergic reactions room, receiving patients at the amount of more than 130 thousand per year. Characteristics detection and treatment project has been used, such as the German allergy testing and treatment system, narrow spectrum ultraviolet phototherapy, He-Ne laser irradiation therapy, LED photodynamic therapy, liquid nitrogen cryotherapy. These are new means for the detection and treatment of allergic diseases, viral diseases, psoriasis, vitiligo, acne and other skin problems. At the same time, skin surgery first carried out Since 2007,the number of sugery cases is more than 3000.Laser beauty project is first tried at 2012,more and more equipments are introduced thus expanding the treatment of indications. For education we undertake the teaching for domestic students and overseas students of Xiamen University school of medicine and Fujian Medical University. More than 20 dermatology doctors from  surrounding areas have been trained in our department recent years. At the same time a number of research projects, access to national, provincial and Municipal Health Bureau of Xiamen funded, "varicella zoster virus report cell line construction and applied research" one of the researches was the first  National Natural Science Fund projecting southwest Fujian Province at 2006.Director of the Department, professor Liu Xiaokun, who is professional in the field of dermatology, leads the way "characteristic medical treatment as the basis, teaching and scientific research as the driving force, discipline development as the goal" for the goal of Xiamen City Dermatology Clinic Center!


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