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Infectious Diseases

The department of infectious diseases was established in late 2004, now including one chief physician, one deputy chief physician and three physicians with master degree at least. The department is featured in exquisite environment, reasonable layout, complete staff and first-class equipment. Now"intestinal outpatient", "fever outpatient" and "hepatitis outpatient"are set up to extensively broaden the screen and diagnosis of "acute, chronic hepatitis", "typhoid" and other common infectious diseases to achieve early detection,early report and early treatment of infectious diseases. Meanwhile, regular training is necessary for medical staff to positively respond to "cholera", "human avian influenza" and other hygienic incidents, which would further enhance the capacity to prevent and regulate infectious diseases. The department is also responsible for instructing the clinical rational application of antibiotic agents, assisting department of pharmacy and nosocomial infection to monitor the bacterial resistance. Beyond that, the department hires one associate professor and takes the role of school teaching for five-year undergraduate students in Medical college of Xiamen University.  


The department strives for introducing professionals to broaden the scope of service and improve professional skill to better serve the patients.


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