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Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Unit(ICU ) is one of the young clinical subjects which were established in need of modern medical development. It is not only a clinical base of intensive care unit, but also a centralized management unit of critically ill patients in hospital. It places emphasis on the pathological evolution of the disease and the integrity of the treatment. Advanced diagnostic and monitoring techniques have been applied to the continuous, dynamic, quantitative observation of illness. Besides, effective interventions are used to the active and effective treatment of critical disease.

Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University was founded in October, 2007. At present, it has a professional team with solid foundation, excellent medical skills and a strong ability to fight. The ICU is located in the 5th floor of surgical building in Zhongshan Hospital which nears the operating room. The ward of ICU is one of the most advanced ICU in our province even in our country with its clean, comfortable, well-structured environment and advanced equipments. 

ICU mainly engages in several kinds of treatments as below: after severe trauma, shock, before and after organ transportation, unstable vital signs after surgery, organ failure, ARDS , the monitoring and treatment of organ function,and so on. A large number of critical illnesses have been successfully rescued. For example: massive abdominal hemorrhage complicated with retroperitoneal hematoma, renal failure, liver abscess sepsis and respiratory failure, severe coagulopathy complicated with multiple organ failure combined with ARDS, severe hemorrhagic shock resulted by severe pelvic fracture, major postoperative recovery, severe pancreatitis, severe craniocerebral injury, multiple trauma. Moreover, a number of intensively ill patients from other hospitals were admitted to ICU.

We are full of passion and looking for the future. ICU, as a new subject, will have a better development prospects. We will continue to work hard for the career of our country's intensive care unit and for the glorious future of our hospital.



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