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Endocrinology department

Department of Endocrinology with strong technical strength and rigorous professional spirit of Xiamen and southern Fujian Province, is one of the key disciplines in Xiamen. Department of Endocrinology, 14 physicians, including 5 senior professional titles, 2 deputy chief physicians, 2 master tutors, 5 doctors, 7 masters, as well as many years of professional training nurses team.There are 48 hospital beds with more than 100000 outpatient volume and more than 1500 discharged patients. The Department has advanced equipment and experimental conditions to carry out thyroid gland, diabetes, adrenal gland, pituitary gland, sexual gland hormones and more than ten kinds of autoantibodies detection. Currently there are 32 units of insulin pump, 5 dynamic blood glucose instruments and ultra low temperature refrigerator, the diagnosis of diabetic foot box, air wave pressure therapy and non mydriatic fundus photography system, carrying out  projects for insulin pump therapy and dynamic blood glucose monitoring, pressure treatment, diabetic peripheral vascular disease and early screening of retinopathy, to improve diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. The diagnosis and treatment level of Department of Endocrinology is in the leading position of the province not only in diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other endocrine common disease,but also in drenal, pituitary, gonad diseases, obesity, osteoporosis, menopause syndrome, gout and other diseases. The Department has certain influence in the province, especially in southwest Fujian, more than 40% patients from other cities. The scientific research are on the relationship between chronic complications of diabetes and oxidative stress and the experimental study of diabetic lung disease in Department of endocrinology. There are a number of provincial and municipal level research projects, published more than 10 research papers each year, and a number of articles are SCI, MEDLINE and CSCD included. The Department of endocrinology has long-term commitment to the teaching work of Xiamen University, Fujian Medical University, Xiamen medical college undergraduate and postgraduate students and also receives more than 20 resident doctors to finish residency standardized training per year.

    Department of Endocrinology pays attention to improve the level of medical technology and also establishes a good medical ethics, building a harmonious doctor-patient relationship.There are  regularly diabetes education special set up for diabetes patients and their relatives, preaching the basic knowledge of diabetes and prevention measures. In addition, patients in the hospital can also receive a system of education and guidance,and the doctors can put forward the treatment of individual programs, and teach patients some specific operational skills. Department of endocrinology ranks first in "national diabetes education management certification unit”,and was awarded the certification unit, becoming first of the southwest Fujian to carry out diabetes specialist nursing outpatient hospital. At present, there are more than 4 provincial level certification of diabetes specialist nurses, published one health education science book.The diabetes health education management project has been successfully supported by provincial and municipal scientific research projects fund.