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Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Department Overview

Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Department is one of the main clinical departments in Xiamen University, Zhongshan Hospital responsible for medical treatment and prevention, education and research. It employs more than 20 professional physicians, including 3 professors and state experts. It is a base of both national standardized training for resident physicians and national drug clinical trial. It is also a member of National Respiratory Infections Treatment Optimization Collaboration Group and National Pulmonary Embolism Prevention Collaboration Group.

Special Units

l Respiratory Intensive Care Unit

n Respiratory medical inpatient ward with two floors (two wards), set the total bed 106 (each ward is equipped with single VIP, double, triple and quadruple rooms). The annual discharge is more than 4,000 patients.

n Ward with RICU, an area of more than 300 M2, with 12 beds (including a severe VIP isolation room), which has a central station, doctors office, treatment room, bronchoscopy washroom, and its ancillary facilities, have a total of 19 high-end invasive/noninvasive ventilators, equipped with multiple sets of electronic bronchoscopy.

l Polysomnograph Center

n The ward set up 5 independent rooms with Polysomnograph machine, a doctor office, equipped with the Australian Compumedics (Kangdi) wireless remote sleep monitoring system (including high-definition 76 guided sleep monitor 3 sets) The (PSG) monitoring, pressure titration, continuous noninvasive positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment, investigation of complications and rehabilitation guidance, and so on.

l Respiratory Endoscopic and Lung Function Diagnosis and Treatment

n Department attached to more than 800 M2 modern integrated breathing endoscopy - lung function comprehensive treatment department, equipped with several sets of imported electronic bronchoscopy, and electronic thoracoscopy, argon beam coagulator, multi-functional cryotherapy instrument, microwave therapy instrument.

n There are 2 lung function test rooms (1 exercise cardiopulmonary examination room), 1 lung function nebulizer therapy room, equipped with Jaeger full set of lung function test system (including physical and sports examination, etc.). The annual lung function test is more than 2,000 cases.

n Laboratory

n There are 3 separate laboratories and equipment rooms, equipped with advanced scientific research equipment, including biological microscope, automatic paraffin embedding system, semi-automatic wheel slicer, gene amplification, centrifuge and ultra-low temperature refrigerators.

l Drug clinical trials (GCP) :

n Ward set up GCP office, pharmaceutical room, material room and conversation room. There are several international and domestic GCP research projects, with most number of patients on test.

l Teaching and research of respiratory medicine:

n Recruit graduate students in Xiamen University and Fujian Medical University. It is the only respiratory graduate training base in Xiamen University.

n Responsible for Xiamen University school of medicine (including foreign students) and part of Fujian Medical University students who major in clinical medicine of the respiratory diagnosis and internal medicine teaching task.

n Responsible for the teaching task of nursing department of Xiamen University school of medicine, the nursing college of Fujian Medical University, and Xiamen Medical College.

n Completed a number of international cooperative research and provincial scientific research project.

n Published hundreds of high quality papers in the international journal of SCI and national magazines

n Published many monographs

n Work as editors for multiple magazine

l Diseases of respiratory medicine:

n Acute or chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, pulmonary infectious diseases, bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary hypertension and acute or chronic cor pulmonale, benign and malignant lung tumor, pulmonary thromboembolism, interstitial lung disease with sarcoidosis, occupational lung disease, pulmonary immune and allergic disease, rheumatism, pulmonary manifestation, adult congenital diseases of the lung and pleural disease (benign and malignant pleural effusion, pneumothorax, pleural tumors), mediastinal disease, sleep apnea hypopnea syndrom, acute respiratory distress syndrome, acute or chronic respiratory failure.

n The diagnosis and treatment of difficult, critical and rare respiratory disease.

n Regularly health knowledge education activities of patients with common chronic respiratory disease (such as asthma, COPD, and sleep apnea and high incidence disease, such as lung cancer.

n The department has made outstanding contributions in SARS, human bird flu and Influenza A, and has been recognized by the state, province and city.

Technical Advantage

n Long-term partnership with hospital research center on clinical study of pulmonary infectious disease microorganisms and respiratory pathogenic bacteria distribution and drug resistance mechanism

n Significance research achievement in chronic respiratory disease diagnosis and treatment with international cooperation

n Introduced new technologies for bronchoscopy interventional diagnosis and treatment, including balloon dilatation, stent placement, bronchoscopy lung biopsy, bronchoscopic needle aspiration biopsy and alveolar lavage

n Medical electronic thoracoscopy diagnosis and treatment of pleural disease

n Peural biopsy and pleura (Including somatosensory and exercise tests, etc.), all the lung function test

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