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As the largest treatment unit of blood disease in sounthern part of Fujian, the hematology department of Zhongshan Hospital affiliated Xiamen University is among the hematopoietic stem cell transplantation centers in the province, authorized for providing stem cell transplantation by CMDP(China Marrow Doner Program) and cord blood bank. Our department is the medical discipline priority of the city, andan affiliate of Xiamen University and Fujian Medical University, is dedicated to educating next generation of hematology specialists.

The department of hematology comprises 48 ordinary beds,9 laminar beds, and an independent unit for transplantation, offering patients with a full range of sophisticated services and programs with blood disease. Medical professionals include stem cell transplantation and immunochemo therapy for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.


We maintain the highest standards of the country in stem cell transplantation from different resources, including unrelated doner, cord blood, haploienticaldonor, and CD34 purified stem cell. We demonstrate our commitment to world-class by continual success in the transplantation of autoimmune disease and thalassemia.

The department have also excelled in molecular diagnosis and target therapy. Foundation from National Nature Science and local government support the research, promote the scientific and technological progress award for three times. The brightest physicians with master’s and doctor’s degree work to  provide compasionate, high quality and efficient health-care. Most the them have overseas training experience.