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Oncology Medicine

Department of Oncology Medicine of Zhongshan hospital ,Xiamen University, is among the longest established in Xiamen City and among the earliest demonstration units in Fujian province to standardize cancer diagnosis and treatment. It ensures strong links among delivery of state-of-the-art treatment, development of clinical research, and clinic oncology education. There is 37 staff, including 3 chief physicians, 4 deputy chief physicians and 1 deputy chief nurse, 6 supervisor nurses. 2 of them are medical PhD. and 7 are medical MD. many of the staff graduated from key medical universities running by state ministry of health, and some of them is member of oncology professional committees even occupies important position. 

Department of Oncology Medicine has 2 wards (ward 1 and ward 2) opening 80 hospital beds. As a specialty department of oncology medicine of level 3 grade A comprehensive hospital, here can carry out all kinds of diagnostic and treatment projects as expected, and has abundant experiences in diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of malignancies, such as lung cancer, colon cancer, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, malignant lymphoma and breast cancer. The department has a reputation of clinical care over neighboring regions. More than 50% patients served here are from peripheral regions. The department advocates the cooperation of multiple disciplines, coordinates closely with department of radiation oncology, gastrointestinal surgery, breast surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, general surgery, Department of Gastroenterology, respiratory medicine and so on, providing normalized and individualized combined treatment for cancer patients. It is recognized for its high standards of comprehensive clinic oncology service in Fujian province.

The Department of Oncology Medicine is a member of the national base for clinical pharmacology. It has completed several clinical trials, including both of domestic clinical trials and international multi-center clinical trials. It collaborates with other regional and national units actively, such as oncology centers of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Peking, subspecialty divisions of Xiamen University, such as cancer center of medical school, life science school, and public health school and so on. Now it is engaging in setting up translational medicine research center together with Xiamen University which will facilitate carrying out translational studies. Department of Oncology Medicine has participated in several Chinese National Nature Science Foundation projects as a key member, and has been a principle investigator institute of many city or province Science Foundation projects .More than 50 articles has been published in national core journals in recent years, 6 of them are SCI articles. 

    Now the Department of Oncology Medicine can provide many kinds of tumor diagnosis and treatment services, among them the special ones include: 1 Tumor targeted drug treatment; 2 Adjuvant treatment after surgery; 3 Radical chemotherapy; 4 New-adjuvant chemotherapy; 5 Minimally invasive and interventional treatment; 6 Palliative treatment. 


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