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Department of Gastroenterology, Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Xiamen University is the Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Digestive Diseases in Xiamen, one of the Key Institute of Digestive Disease in Xiamen University.

Our department approved to be the establishment of the "Digestive Disease Laboratory of Xiamen" in 2007; to become the "Training Center for Digestive Endoscopy of Chinese Medical Association" in 2008; to establish the "Cross-Strait Consulting Organization of Digestive Complicated Diseases " under the support from National Taiwan University Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital in Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2009; to become the first batch of "National Key Clinical Disciplines” in 2010; to become the “Key Clinical Disciplines in Fujian Province" in 2012; to establish the "Cross-Strait Center for Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Digestive Cancer" under the support from National University of Singapore Hospital, National Taiwan University Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital in Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013; to become the "Gastroenterology Specialist Committee in Cross-Strait Medical Communicating Association” in 2013; to become the Academic Medical Guidance Center of Digestive Diseases, the Leading Disciplines in Xiamen and the Core Cooperation Center for National Clinical Research Center of Digestive Diseases (Xijing Hospital in Xi’an, Changhai Hospital in Shanghai, and Friendship Hospital in Beijing) in 2014; to become "Approved Leading Medical Discipline of Xiamen Health and Family Planning Commission”, and to construct the “Gastrointestinal Microecology and Digestive Disease Key Laboratory of Xiamen" in 2015; to establish the first "Cross-Strait Combined Laboratory of Gastroenterology" in same year; and to become the "Training Base of Standard ERCP Technology in China" and to establish the "Microecological Research Institute of Xiamen University” in 2016.

Our department is committed to clinical care, medical education, innovative scientific research and preventive health care. There are more than 100 employees, including 1 Minjiang Scholars Distinguished Professor, 2 supervisors of Doctor/Degree of graduate students, 9 supervisors of Master/Degree of graduate students, 9 of chief physicians, 9 of associate chief physicians/associate professor, 7 of physicians and 6 of resident physicians. 24 of physicians have a doctor degree, 9 physicians have master degree and most of them have overseas experiences. There are a variety of advanced medical and scientific equipment, currently offers 120 beds with the specialist outpatient, endoscopy treatment room, digestive dynamic room and laboratory for digestive outpatient. Visit more than 140 thousand outpatients, 4000 discharged patients, 45 thousand patients of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment every year. Department of Gastroenterology focus on the daily clinic work, emphasizes the medical education and innovative scientific research, and already became the leading professional department of digestive diseases and digestive endoscopy in West-Strait area of Nationwide.


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