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Traditional Chinese Medicine

 Department of TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) established in 1988.Through the develop for 30 years, the TCM department have 28 medical workers including 4 archiaters, 5 associate chief physician,3 doctors and 6 masters. The department constituted by outpatient service and inpatient which integrated medical treatment ,teach and scientific research.There are 42 sickbeds that useage rate reach 100%.Dept of TCM have 1000 people discharge and 14 ten thousand outpatient services every year.

  Since the department was founded, we always advocated the idea that improve medical service quality, make sure medical safety, carry forward the TCM feature. We actively carry out TCM and integrative medicine treatment. We also advertise that TCM syndrome differentiation and the whole concept of spirit combine with modern medical research, through the use of TCM syndrome differentiation combine with modern syndrome and the methods of eliminate evil factors and support healthy energy, balance “Ying” and “Yang” to treatment the common diseases,multiple diseases and incurable diseases.

  The department pay attention to inherit and develop, followed the trend of medical development, actively carry out quality medical care, reflect the humanistic care, and always implement the “all patient-centered” a principle of service  clinical efficacy, patient satisfaction, by patients and their families praise. Use the integrated Traditional Chinese and  Western Medicine treatment program. Especially in chronic diseases, geriatric diseases, neoplastic diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, spleen and stomach disease, gynecological diseases, neck and shoulder back pain, the use of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment program, multi-target effect, improve clinical efficacy; for chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer surgery after radiotherapy and other symptoms to improve, improve quality of life and time and other aspects of prevention and prevention have achieved good results. Many patients, including Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, southwestern Fujian, as far as overseas Chinese and foreign guests are also attracted to treat, and accumulated a good reputation. Academic leader Huang Yuanpeng chief physician has also been rated as "national outstanding clinical talents of traditional Chinese medicine."

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