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Imaging Division

The Imaging Division of Xiamen University Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital, also Medical Imaging teaching and research unit of the School of Medicine, is an important auxiliary examination department of the hospital. With the development and expansion of Zhongshan Hospital, imaging department, under the hospital leadership, has gained rapid growth. Our department, with rationally stratified staff, advanced equipments, has developed into a digital one, providing distinct images and accurate diagnoses for clinicians and patients; Our department has developed into a to comprehensive discipline, in charge of medical examination, diagnosis, treatment and scientific research .


1. the basic condition of the department


Working area more than 5,000 square meters. The department has, current domestically advanced DR X-ray film machine, 8sets; digital gastrointestinal machine, 3sets; digital mammography machine 1set; multi-row spiral CT,4 sets;major DSA, 2sets, and equipped with advanced RIS system, PACS system, all images and reports are digitized, the hospital sharing all images and reports without using X-films, paper-report, and electronic medical signature employed. In 1987, with the Zhongshan Hospital re-open, imaging department was set up at the same time, starting with five staff member, reaching 65 people now. In the past 10 years, the imaging department under the leadership of the current head Liang Kunru, has made great progress. The existing senior titles 17; doctorate tutor 1, master tutor 2, chief physician 5, vice chief physician 12, attending physician 4;conferred doctor degree 1, conferred master degree  16,doctorate student 2. The department staff are sub-classified into diagnosis, technology, nursing, intervention and registration groups, working together with well cooperation, and harmonious atmosphere, achieved hospital merits as "advanced medical collective", " advanced  teaching unit" and so on.


2. the current work carried out


CT imaging techniques in various ways: CT plain scan, enhanced scan; rapid coronary angiography, multi-site angiography; fast, multi-organ perfusion imaging of heart-and–major-arteries for chest pain triad; inner ear imaging; low-dose CT lung nodule screening; In vivo material composition (gout stone) analysis imaging technology. A variety of examinations in X-ray section: digital breast photography (molybdenum-tungsten), DR (digital X photography) technology with dual energy subtraction, tissue equilibrium technology; spine and limbs piece-together technology; conventional techniques such as: fluoroscopy, radiography, ERCP;contrast examination for various systems; interventional therapy and DSA, total cerebral angiography; drugs infusion therapy for various tumors, embolization therapy.


3. Teaching and Research


Education and Research office of medical imaging response for "medical imaging diagnostics" teaching, probation and internship tasks of Medical College of Xiamen University and Fujian University. Since 1996 has been training totally more than 3,000 students. Meanwhile, accept more than 40 training doctors from the nearby county or community sanitary service center. Chief physician Liang Kunru, Wang Jin’an and Duan Shaoyin were hired as professor or associate professor of Xiamen University; Chief physician Wang Jin’an writing on the teaching papers "medical imaging multimedia teaching experience reform thinking" and "medical imaging multimedia teaching experience reform research”. Chief physician Liang kunru and Wang Jinyan have repeatedly won the outstanding teacher of Xiamen Health Bureau, School of Medicine, Zhongshan Hospital of Xiamen University. Chief physician Duan Shaoyong has owed 2 of the National Natural Science Fund and 3 provincial and municipal natural science and technology progress. Chief physician Liang Kunru, Wang Jin’an has respectively owed 2 of provincial and municipal natural fund project, participated in a number of national natural fund projects and 985 topics. More than 100 articles have been published in the provincial and above magazine by the staff.


4. Academic activities


Department has invited many Professor to Xiamen for academic communications. Including: Professor Yan Shulin of the Chinese Association of Radiation Technology, Vice President Zhang Xiaopeng of Peking University Cancer Hospital, Professor Lvbin of Fuwai Hospital; Professor Zhang Yunting of the National Medical Imaging and Education Society, Professor of Medical Imaging Department of Tianjin Medical University; Professor Chenmin of Beijing Hospital; Professor Liang Changhong of Guangdong Provincial Hospital; Professor Han Ping of Tongji Hospital, Huazhong University of Science and Technology et.al.

Chief physician Liang Kunru, Duan Shaoyin participated in North American radiology, European radiology academic conference many times to learn about the newly image development. Some young radiologists were send to participate in national or provincial academic conferences or training in senior hospital to improve their academic level.


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