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Xiahe Branch of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated Xiamen University was formerly known as Xiamen First Clinic. In June 2005, the city government, it incorporated into the Xiamen University Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital, was renamed as the Xiamen University Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital Xiahe Branch.

Xiahe Branch has more than 70 professional and technical personnel, including more than 13 deputy chief physician personnel, more than 40 intermediate title personnel, Xiahe Branch includes internal medicine, diabetes specialist, Chinese medicine, digestive medicine, gynecology, breast disease, surgery, acupuncture physiotherapy, dentistry, ENT, ophthalmology, laboratory, ultrasound, radiology, electrocardiogram room, physical examination center etc. At the same Xiahe Branch equips with advanced equipment including digital photography DR machine, imported color Doppler ultrasound, automatic biochemical analyzer, 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure, 24-hour ambulatory electrocardiogram, bone density meter, mydriatic fundus photography system, hysteroscopy, colposcopy, salpingography,pelvic floor rehabilitation etc. For nuclear magnetic resonance, CT, PET-CT, gastrointestinal mirror and other large-scale examinations, the Xiahe Branch can make appointments with the General Hospital so that patients can have the examinations directly.

In recent years, with the support of the General Hospital, Xiahe Branch has undergone tremendous changes in term of infrastructure, hospital capacity, hardware equipment. All supplies’ receive and disinfection rely on the power of the General Hospital to ensure the safety of medical examination. Improve the treatment environment, promote the reform of the medical process, implement a variety of ways of medical appoint, self-help credit card settlement service system, test automatic report printing system, all of which have greatly improved the patient’s medical experience. The characteristics of receiving treatments in Xiahe Branch is that the patient can not only benefit from the technical strength and advanced equipment of the General Hospital, but also have access to convenient, fast, high quality and efficient services, which attract a large number of patients.
Range of Treatment:

1. General internal medicine: Diagnosis and Treatment of all common heart cerebrovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and respiratory diseases and medical. The prevention and management of High blood pressure, coronary heart disease (CHD), various kinds of arrhythmia, all kinds of diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease.  Prevention and  treatment of age-related diseases such as osteoporosis.
2. Diabetes medicine: Treatment of endocrine metabolic diseases such as diabetes and its acute or chronic complications, and hypertension, hyperlipids, high uric , thyroid disease.
3. Chinese medicine: In clinical, apply Integration of traditional and western medicine to diagnose respiratory, digestive, endocrine disease and insomnia, etc..
4. Digestive medicine: Diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal disease and liver, gall bladder, pancreatic disease. Clinical  application of all kinds of endoscopies.
5. Gynecology: carry out various kinds of gynecological surgery, such as painless abortion, medical abortion, curettage surgery, place or take out intrauterine ring, cervical polyp removal, endometrial polyps removal, tubal liquid flux, salpingography, hysteroscopy examination, hymen repair, etc.. Common cervical disease diagnosis and treatment: vaginal examination, cervical leep, cervical cancer screening, and pre-cervical cancer treatment; Pelvic floor rehabilitation treatment(uracratia and metroptosis), Pre-pregnancy and early pregnancy examination and guidance; Irregular menstruation, infertility and other treatments.
6. Breast disease: Have General Hospital specialist in out-patient,  carry out the hierarchical prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases (including breast cancer).
7.Surgery: treatment of common surgical disease and frequently-occurring disease, for example, traumatic wound suture, tendon rupture anastomosis, amputation (toe) residual dressing, fracture fixation and so on. Carry out surface neoplasm resection (lipoma, sebaceous glands cyst) and mammary gland fibroma, abscess incision drainage, narrow tenosynovitis, tennis elbow closed treatment, ingrown nail pulling armor, etc..For anorectal diseases and complications, incurable diseases have timely correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment; for mixed hemorrhoid, benign tumor, anal fissure, anal fistula, crissum abscess, colitis, constipation and other anorectal diseases have unique treatment method.
8. Acupuncture physiotherapy: Various kinds of acupuncture therapy can be carried out. Reconstructive surgery technique: reconstructive surgery such as fracture, joint dislocation, articular adhesion, iliotibial traditional release technique, technique traction reduction, tendon adhesion release, nerve root closed surgery, etc.; Acupuncture treatment of neck, shoulder, waist, leg, various joint pain, stroke, facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia and other neurological diseases; Acupuncture treatment for losing weight, acne, irregular menstruation, myoma of uterus, cyclomastopathy , thyroid disorders; Also acupuncture treatment for chronic digestive and menopausal syndrome; Spinal cord correction, acupuncture treatment for spine and related diseases.
9. Department of Stomatology: carry out all kinds of fixed and activity teeth repair; orthodontics in children and adults; the diagnosis and treatment of  Trauma and infection caused by scar and the corresponding anomaly: tooth and tooth marrow of common diseases in oral cavity.
10. Physical examination center: Healthy examination of groups and indiniduals, annual physical examination of civil servants and workers in city and towns; physical examination of pre-civil servants, entrance health examination, the sailor crew health check-up, life insurance or medical examination, teachers' and preschool teachers' qualification examination, occupational health examination, radiation occupational health examination, physical examination of registered medical doctors and nurses, motor vehicle drivers' and conscription examination and other kinds of examination projects.